Deep Ocean Search (DOS) is an innovative and inventive company providing worldwide solutions in ultra-deep water activities. Although other organisations operate at these depths, they do so very infrequently. DOS operates at these extreme depths on a daily basis and has been doing so for the past five years.

DOS was created in 2010 to fulfill a wide range of survey and subsea operations in water depths of up to 6000 metres. A specially adapted survey vessel and robotic systems were brought together with a highly experienced team many of whom had worked with the same management for the past twenty years. DOS’s unique capabilities are made available to other organisations that want to operate in ultra-deep water

DOS owns and operates the 75m long dynamically positioned survey vessel, SV John Lethbridge. The ship is managed by V.Ships to a very high standard and provides permanent availability to DOS for their operations. The John Lethbridge is equipped with a full ocean depth side scan sonar and a light work class ROV, both rated to 6000 meters, along with a range of associated tools and systems.

DOS has a permanent staff of multi-skilled surveyors, engineers and ROV pilots. A minimum of nine specialists operate 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Through a contract signed with the United Kingdom government, DOS holds the world record for the recovery of a large precious metal cargo from a ship wreck lying in a water depth of 5150 msw. MORE INFO...



John has been involved in deep water search and salvage financing, management and operations for the last 30 years (his first wreck searches were in 1984 for the Ancona, located in 500m of water offshore Sardinia and the Laconia found offshore Ireland).

His background is in commercial saturation diving in the 1970s, project management and commercial management with Comex before co-founding Comex Deep Sea Salvage Ltd and later Subsea Resources PLC and Deep Ocean Search Ltd in 2010.

John has had the opportunity over his long career to be involved with all aspects of ultra-deep water work which gives him some knowledge and insight into this business.

Nicolas VINCENT - Operations Manager

Subsea engineer, surveyor and commercial diver, he co-founded and managed the COMEX Marine Operations Department in the 1990s which he managed for over 15 years and then joined Subsea Resources PLC, specialized in Ultra deep water salvage as Operations Manager.

With his 25 years experienced as a rigorous manager, Nicolas manages all of DOS’s technical needs, both actual and future, as well as the personnel and operations at sea.

Sebastien BOUGANT - Onshore Manager

Sebastien initially joined the company as Offshore Manager onboard the S/V John Lethbridge.

He has great experience in both coastal and very deep water survey operations and has a high knowledge of the equipment used in this industry.

Sebastien is in charge of logistics, purchase, project management and special projects.

Jean-Christophe CAILLENS - Offshore Manager

Jean-Christophe (JC) left the French Navy with the rank of Lieutenant-Commander in order to join DOS.

As both a diver specialized in mine counter warfare and as a minehunter ship captain, he spent the last years of his navy career in the subsea department of the French Navy in charge of all subsea operations from aircraft search to submarine rescue.

JC was the French government representative onboard the vessels conducting the search for AF447 in 2012 and was also selected to join the French navy contingent in London for NATO anti-piracy management. Today, for half of the year, he supervises DOS operations offshore on board the S/V John Lethbridge.

Gilles TREMBLAY - Offshore Manager

Gilles is an experienced surveyor, ROV pilot and electronic engineer with more than 25 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry.

He was involved in Blue Water Recovery ltd operations onboard the drillship Deep Sea Worker that operated in very deep water in the 1990s.

Thanks to his well-rounded knowledge in the business, Gilles works back to back with JC running operations on board S/V John Lethbridge.

Robert ORMEROD - Ship Superintendent

Bob is an experienced marine engineer having worked in the Industry for 41 years, both afloat as a marine engineer and ashore as a superintendent. He works for HSOG / VShips, contracted by DOS, for the Ship Management of the John Lethbridge

Due to his long and successful career in the marine industry, Bob manages the S/V John Lethbridge with strong capabilities, a huge knowledge base and a dedicated engineering team.


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